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Dyno (Rolling Road)

At AK Motor Services we have a full 4 wheel drive dyno 

We are able to test and tune your car.
We are able to test and tune turbo and non turbo vehicles,petrol and diesel vehicles all cattered for.

Dyno service which we offer:

Power run
(fueling checked and boost presure)
£45 + VAT

Maping of engine managment system
£250.00 + VAT

Rolling road diagnostic
which includes plug in diagnostics
£50.00 + VAT

Unichip Q
Fitted and setup
£430 - £500.00 + VAT

Club rolling road days which includes 2 runs and fueling/boost checked
15 cars = £35.00 per car
15 - 25 cars = £30.00 per car
25+ cars = £25.00 per car

Price includes VAT.